Banktivity AutoSave not working

I am running Banktivity 7.3.1 in my iMac running macOS 10.14.6. I think the problem started with version 7.3 of Banktivity.

A “feature” of Banktivity is AutoSave to periodically save changes to the financial file. As shown in the following screen shot I have had the general preferences set for save every 9 minutes. It used to work regularly

I doesn’t matter whether the check box is checked or not. Nor the delay the file is not saved. I have to do a Command S to save changes

Today I did a “live chat” with an IGG representative. Her amazing comment was that I had my macOS System Preference / General set wrong

She insisted that I should UNCHECK the box "ask to keep changes when closing documents:

I believe that she should get a different job OR IGG’s software has a big problem

Has anyone found a solution. to AutoSave not working for Banktivity?

OR does her recommendation make sense?

Thanks Jerry

OP here. I didn’t expect anything different BUT I did test changing SysPref/General to not alert when closing a window

No Surprise, It didn’t fix the problem

IGG has two problems: A front facing employee that seems to be incompentnt and Software that doesn’t do what it was supposed to do