Bank Rolling ATT?

I just received a message that ATT is raising their internet pricing (Uverse, etc)
Can’t help but assume this is a result of their recent massive data breach… and piling on their customer base to fund their potential expenses and liabilities for the breach

just wondering

More likely that these rate hikes are a normal part of their business plan. Most services and utilities (including energy, TV service, phone service and Internet) are raising their prices this year. And most raise their rates every year.

The amusing one (at least for me) is Comcast XFinity. When they raise their rates, they typically do it by bumping all their service tiers to higher bandwidth along with the higher rates. I’m currently paying about 2x what I was paying 10 years ago (from about $45/mo to $90/mo), but I’m also getting about 8x the bandwidth (from 25Mbps to 200Mbps). Which, of course, makes complaining an interesting discussion - I love the extra bandwidth, but I hate the higher bills.


XFinity is such a joke. Here we pay $70/month for Gigabit fiber from a local provider. They have awesome uptime and great customer service. I’m so glad I was able to dump Comcast long ago. I pity those who are forced to essentially choose between Comcast and AT&T. It’s modern day highway robbery.

Sadly, my choices are either that, cellular or ADSL. So I put up with Comcast. Despite everything, it is still the best option for my town.

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I’m sure there’s many more faced with your same dilemma. I’m always very interested in hearing about 5G alternatives, but from all I’ve read so far it’s going to be another while until that can truly supplant Comcast for many out there.