Baffling email mystery

For some reason, I am now receiving email sent to me, at my correct address, but the name that pops up in front of the email is not mine – it’s another name that is in my contacts.

I.e.: To: Frank Smith <my correct>

It’s not all emails - -it seems to be mostly generic ones that I receive from my multiple and varied wordpress accounts, as well as other generic businesses, etc.

Frank Smith is in my contacts and when I checked him, my email was listed as one of his email addresses (I think a fat finger issue on my part). I removed my email address from his card, but I’m still getting messages that have my email address but Frank Smith’s name in front of them.

Emails I send don’t seem to have Frank’s name on them, just incoming ones.

Any idea as to where I should be looking to fix this?

I’m on a MacBook Pro using Sonoma.

That association is probably in your Previous Recipients list. To remove it, open the Previous Recipients window under the Windows menu in Apple Mail, search for your email address, and remove any erroneous entries.

That didn’t solve the problem (the only name associated with my email was the correct one), but it did allow me to resolve another long time issue regarding some old email addresses that kept popping up. So, thank you!