Bad Finder GUI change in Sonoma

Sonoma Finder (at least in column view) attaches an email icon to a file if that file was sent as an email attachment. So far so good I guess. But did you know that when you select such a file in column view it now displays that email icon and a link (to Mail, and in my case non-functional) INSTEAD of the file size in the location where the file size used to be? So in order to see the size of a file that came as an email attachment I’m now having to open a Get Info window.

Does anybody know of a way to remove that email icon display?

I just tried sending myself a file, then visiting that file’s location using column view. No e-mail icon. When I switch to list view, still no icon - BUT, I did see another file with a mail icon, and it was one I received as an attachment. Perhaps this is only for received files rather than sent? Curiously, being a JPG, in column view instead of size, I have all the EXIF data, and a click on the mail icon takes me to the e-mail in which it arrived.

It looks like you can get rid of it by deleting the extended attribute

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The mail icon is not consistent. Some attachments show it and others don’t.
But I still see the size – you simply have to show the size column: CMD-J > select size.

BTW – I find it way more annoying that Sonoma has new tag colors which are all much darker and thus hard to distinguish. The formerly yellow tag is now brown and is almost identical tot he purple one – how idiotic is that?

I’m talking about column view. There is no size column to show in column view.

Sonoma doesn’t change the tag colors for me. Perhaps you have increased contrast in Settings? I tried that but switched back because I couldn’t tolerate the color changes (in particular, yellow to brown).

Weird, indeed! I have not changed any settings, however, I did migrate to a new Macbook Air with Sonoma, but while everything looks like it should, both the tags and the shade of the colors in the top left of each window have changed – they are not bright yellow and green but rather brown and dark green:

Look at the top left and the sample buttons on the right – the ones on the right are ok but I have no idea how to change the top left buttons (which correspond to the tag colors).


You definitely have increase contrast on. Settings / Accessibility / Display. Try turning off increase contrast.

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Wow – you are right! Thanks!

Not sure if I did this intentionally or through some other means, but yes, that solves it. In any case, maybe it’s not a god idea on Apple’s side to increase contrast in a way that tags cannot be distinguished any more :)