Awful noise coming from iPad even after turning in off

Hi, I am doing this long distance. My mother’s I pad mini is making this awful loud noise, like an emergency signal over the TV or Radio before the interruption. The problem is it won’t turn off. All the sound is turned all the way down or off. We even turned off the iPad and it is still making the noise.
I tried to go and see the settings for the government notifications but they are no longer under settings=>notification. Any idea where they are?
Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated

There are no settings for government notifications on iPad. Even cellular iPad. Only iPhone I believe.

The first thing I would do is fully turn off the iPad, not just put it to sleep. That should stop everything.

I don’t have Amber alerts on my ipads but on my iphone it under settings/Notifications. Then scroll to the bottom for Government alerts. There are 3 different alerts: Amber Alerts, Emergency Alerts & Public Safety alerts. You can select all, some or none.

False Alarm. I finally had her take it outside and she realized it was a fire alarm not the iPad. Hearing is not honing it as good at 93.
Thank you


In addition to Betty’s good advice, here are a few things to try:

Is software up to date?

Does the noise only happen when the iPhone is plugged in and charging? If so, it might be a problem with the charger and/or cable.

If the noise is coming from the bottom of iPhone, it could be the speaker is a problem. The iPhone will need a trip to the Apple Store if so.

If your mother’s iPhone has Apple Care, give them a call and they will walk you through erasing and restoring, as well as other procedures to try that won’t require a trip in.

Glad you figured it out. However, one thing that no one mentioned is that another source of iPad Alarms is the Clock app. The Alarm and TImer settings could generate a strange noise if you didn’t remember setting them.