Automate Window Positioning With macOS and Apps

Spectable app is also a great free alternative

Well I had a try with STAY,… which works well… B U T… (y’knew that was coming)… Does anyone know how to make it respect macos SPACES?..

I put a bunch of open TextEdit windows on one screen,… then saved positions. If I move window to a difference spaces and then try to restore, it does NOT move that window back to the space where/when I told STAY to record. arghh…

Is there an alternative solution, to STAY, that respects macos SPACES?

Looking to achieve the same, did you ever figure out a solution?

Count me among the uninformed. I never knew this feature existed in macOS.

Look into Moom. In the App Store. It lets you position multiple windows where you want them and recall that position with a click on the green expand button.

I like getting a full screen window with the menu bar on one click.

Check it out.

I was using homegrown Keyboard Maestro macros for this.

Then I switched to Moom instead, for years.

Now, someone online has created a set of Keyboard Maestro macros for download, and I’m back to using that for hotkeys. I still use the other features of Moom.

This is the site I downloaded from: Window Magic with Keyboard Maestro - Cocktails & Coffee

MacSparky posted an introductory video on Moom: