Audio playback app for MP3, WAV, etc

Hello, I wish to install a simple paid software on my iMac Catalina.

Do you have any recommendations?


I need something similar to Tiny Player for Mac. Thanks.

What’s wrong with Tiny Player? Seems to work fine in Catalina. You’d need to provide more information about what you want for anyone to make a recommendation.

Thanks. I’d rather get my app through Apple’s App Store, trusted, and continued support, updates.

I don’t need this software to manage or keep a music catalog. It’s just for simple playback of an audio file.

Plus, I don’t need to edit audio files. I’ve already got Wavelab, etc.

Looks like there are a ton of music players even in the Mac App Store—just search on “music player.” So again, some additional information about what you want from a music player would be helpful. Or you could just try a bunch and see what you like. Most seem to be free.

Why not just use Quick Look in the Finder, then? Select the file, press Space bar, and it will open and play.

Trusted, ok…

Continued support? Maybe.

Updates? No more or less likely than outside the Mac App Store.

The best apps that I’m aware of for this are not in the Mac App Store.

VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS! - VideoLAN

IINA - The modern media player for macOS

Optimus Player

They do tend to focus on video, but they all do audio as well.


Cool! Thanks. It’s exactly the type of software I needed (IINA, and Optimus). :wink:

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I use Swinsian and like it quite a bit. Free programs I’ve used include VLC and Audacity.

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Without your help, it wouldn’t been difficult to discover these cool Apple apps: Swinsian, IINA, and Optimus… inside or outside of ITunes. Thanks!

I, for one, had never heard of Swinsian before, and I’ve been using the Mac since ~2003 (which I know still makes me a ‘newbie’ to some folks here).

Ripped my large CD collection many years ago; got sick of iTunes not recognising the library on my NAS. Moved to Swinsian many years ago; been very happy with Swinsian. (Swinsian is actively updated, too.)

Does Swinsian “export” to iTunes in the sense that what you organize in there also makes it to your iPhone on sync?

Tray Player from the App Store! Hangs out in the menubar when you launch it. Drag and Drop a folder and it plays! Excellent sound control, low CPU and RAM profile. No Kexts etc. Really cheap too!!!

For downloading software, try MacUpdate, Pure Mac, or even Major Geeks, though that one concentrates more on Windows. These sites give you greater choice than the App store with none of the hassles or spying. You can also try Softpedia, which I think is in Europe, and File Horse.