Audio Hijack: Listen to different source while recording?

I am using Audio Hijack to record an audio stream playing through Safari (MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019, Ventura 13.6.3).

Is there a way to listen to another audio source at the same time with a different browser?

I have read the Audio Hijack manual but can’t seem to find out if this is possible.

When I have tried it, even though Audio Hijack is only recording the source playing via the first browser, both sources play over the computer speakers at the same time.

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You might need SoundSource:

Thank you for the tip, @gastropod. I recently bought SoundSource but haven’t had time to work with it yet.

It looks like it will let me either mute Safari (without, I hope, preventing Audio Hijack from recording from it) or route the Safari output to the headphone jack, which I won’t be listening to anyway.

Assuming your session has an “Output Device” block, all you need to do is click once on that block and then click the On/Off switch (at the top right of the control) to Off. No SoundSource necessary.

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Thank you, Anthony. That works great.

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