Audio Hijack 4.4

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Audio-recording workflow app brings a new audio capture backend and various improvements. ($64 new, free update, 37.1 MB, macOS 14+)

I have used Audio Hijack and other Rogue Amoeba apps for years now. It’s an amazing recorder/audio thang and can record pretty much any audio feed on my Mac. For years I used it mostly for boosting the volume on my old Macbook and it was worth it just for that neat trick. I also use Fission as a fast and simple audio editor.


I only see V4.3.3 and if I download from ROgue’s site I still get 4.3.3?

What macOS are you running? I just checked Audio Hijack and it’s 4.4.0, and I’m running Sonoma 14.4.1. Often sites will check what OS you’re running and download the appropriate version, so it may be that 4.4 doesn’t run under your version.

That may be the case I am on 14.3.1 (23D60) always like to do a backup before updating…

Yeah, the release notes for AH 4.4 explicity state:

  • Audio Hijack 4.4.0 Is for MacOS 14.4 and Higher
    This variant of Audio Hijack supports MacOS 14.4 and higher. On MacOS 11 through 14.3.1, a different variant is automatically used, with no action required on your part.

@agen may want to edit the original article to reflect this (currently states “macOS 14+”).

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Thanks, I’ve updated the post!