Attach an iPad to Your MacBook as a Second Display with Mountie

(Jeff Porten) #1

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If you’d like to use another screen with your MacBook while traveling but can’t figure out how to arrange and support it, Jeff Porten has found a simple clip that attaches an iPad to a MacBook for use as a second display.

(Aaron Priven) #2

Duet does work on iPhones.

Although for me, I find the lag when using the mouse pointer in Duet (whether on an iPad or iPhone) too frustrating to find it useful. Maybe it’s something about my system specifically?

(Jeff Porten) #3

It works, but do you really want to use a screen that small? By “won’t work” I meant useless, not technically impossible. Better used for native phone apps.

(Aaron Priven) #4

I mean, if you have a Plus or Max model, it’s of limited but not zero use. It seems to me.

(Alan Forkosh) #5

I noticed that at least one Amazon review noted that that on a newer MacBook Pro (and I assume MacBook Air), the Mountie clip overlaps the picture area due to the smaller bezel on the new laptops.

(Jeff Porten) #6

Yes, but the clipping would be limited to the icon on the far right of the menu bar—which for almost everyone would be Notification Center. You’d still see enough of it to know where the click target is. I agree that this is suboptimal for the kind of people who notice such things (and I’d be one of them), but it wouldn’t get in the way.

(Jeff Porten) #7

Addendum: my Mountie failed after 10 weeks of use, while moving the MacBook and iPad out of my lap in a comfy chair to the ottoman. I don’t think I was supporting the weight of the iPad with my right hand; will do so in the future. Ten One shipped me a replacement, calling my usage “normal,” and asked for pictures so they can resolve the problem in future models.