Artwork for one album will not download to Music app, in Big Sur

I just bought a few albums today at the Apple Music Store (Big Sur 11.6.3)

I noticed that for one album the artwork would not display in the Library, nor on the files on the drive**.
I attempted numerous tactics to correct the problem: Quitting the App,Restarting the computer,Deleting and Redownloading, etc.
I actually contacted Apple support, not because I did not have an ultimate solution, but I thought it an interesting anomaly.
I was able to determine that the album artwork would display in the Music App running on Monterey. So I decided to trasfer these files to the Share folder and install on the Big Sur system.
Lo and behold the album are would, again not display.
I, of course, am able to download the artwork online and correct the situation, but it is really odd that Music cannot display the art, it cannot Get the art, and these files cannot be transferred with their artwork embedded

Thoughts please.
Is Mac OS Big Sur treating these files as security threat… can’t imagine that really, but 11.6.3 apparently does not like these files

**Minor additional comment: the artwork did intermittently appear in the Inset mode of the Music App, it would show up in a few minutes of play, then disappear

I was able to partially correct the weirdness by doing a PRAM reset.

However, another discovery: While art now displays in the Library, on the Inset, and for the file icons, the artwork still does not display for the tracks using the method

Library > Album > Song > Command I > Artwork
Each song displays a blank pane in the Artwork tab

is it polite to say Very Weird! ??