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Please welcome our latest long-term TidBITS sponsor, Art Authority, whose most recent project is the new Art Authority Museum, an immersive virtual museum for Vision Pro.


I’m a very long way from getting a Vision Pro, but Art Authority looks interesting anyway, so I tried it on my M1 MacBook Pro. It kind of works, but it doesn’t seem to function like a regular app. For example, it doesn’t seem to get into the Applications folder, and it has a tendency to quit without telling you first. Has anyone any experience with it? Maybe I’m just being clumsy, but I find it rather elusive and hard to control.

Which app did you download, @livfoss? It’s possible that the iPad version “works” on the M1 MacBook Pro but has issues. Let’s see what @alan3 says.

Art Authority for iPad does run on Apple Silicon Macs, like the M1 MacBook Pro. Please be sure you didn’t download the iPhone version. You should definitely be able to put it in the Applications folder. There are some small bugs on the Mac, in particular with the grid/thumbnail view, but it should never quit on you. Please let me know if you have a reproducible case, or any follow-up questions.

It turns out Art Authority for iPad even runs and looks great on Vision Pro. We weren’t sure about that until we finally got our real hardware.

Alan Oppenheimer
Founding Director, Art Authority Museum

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