Arc Gains Instant Links, Tab Grouping, and Arc Search iPhone App

Originally published at: Arc Gains Instant Links, Tab Grouping, and Arc Search iPhone App - TidBITS

The Browser Company has been busy with its Arc Web browser, adding features to speed up searching, organize tab clutter, and more. Also new is an Arc Search app for the iPhone.


I’m also loving Arc on desktop and Arc Search on mobile. I really want Browse For Me to come to desktop.

  1. Another excellent summary of Arc’s latest experiments, thanks! Its failure to adequately address cookie management continues (fortunately the Cookie app for macOS works with Arc so that omission isn’t an issue).
  2. I also tend to use Safari on my iPhone for searches, neglecting to close tabs, now at 385 and still growing.
  3. Would love to hear what conversation prompted the search for “how long is the colon,” :face_with_spiral_eyes:!

“an as-yet-unexplained star button” – this adds the current page to the Favorites. Then, these favorite sites appear in a list when you do a search using the magnifier icon.

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Nothing good, I fear. A family member needed some emergency surgery.

Aha! That explains it perfectly, thanks.

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I tried to use Arc but it did not block ads by default or when Ublock origin was installed. This made it useless for me and I continue to use Brave. Presumably I did something wrong. Guidance would be appreciated.

uBlock Origin is rather confusing. At some point, I read up on it and enabled the following filters, which seem to do a pretty good job. To get to the Filters screen, choose Extensions > uBlock Origin and click the gears button toward the lower right.

This URL might also take you there:


Thank you! I’ll give it a shot in a day or so and report back.

I am really liking Arc Search but entering passwords from 1Password is not working for me any more.

Omar! Nice to see you here… (For everyone else, we go WAY back to the days of Outlook Express in 1998.)

I’m not having any problems with 1Password entering passwords into Arc Search, so perhaps it’s a matter of relaunching one or the other, or restarting the iPhone.

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Arc Search just got Incognito mode, the capability to share Browse for Me websites with anyone, and a neat Pinch to Summarize that works on any page.

I gave up last time because websites viewed in Arc displayed ads. Arc refused to install Ublock Origin with a message saying that it was pre-installed. I could not find it so gave up. This time I was easily able to install the extension and it worked.
It will take me some time to get used to and to find its benefits. But at least I’ve started.

For me, uBlock Origin came pre-installed, but not particularly configured.

Adam, I’m somewhere between you and Omar. I have been trying Arc for a fortnight or so, on my Mac, and have had issues with the 1Password extension repeatedly requiring me to fill in my master password after a single use in Arc. I have updated both Arc and 1Password recently, so perhaps this is part of the (my) problem. I have relaunched both programs several times and sometimes it works well for a while… I’ll persist with Arc for a bit longer…

Huh! Are you sure your settings in 1Password are right? Do you get repeatedly prompted for your password in other Chrome-based browsers?

I think 1Password prompts me (which I answer using my Apple Watch) only once per launch. Since I leave Arc running at all times, it basically comes down to once per restart of my Mac, which happens mostly when there’s a macOS update.

I thought I’d try Arc browser on my iPhone but when I went to install it, I was asked to install Microsoft Copilot. Did I get the wrong app?

Yep. Here are the proper links from the article.