Arc 1.5 Brings Back Today Tab Syncing

Originally published at: Arc 1.5 Brings Back Today Tab Syncing - TidBITS

Regular unpinned “Today” tabs once again sync between windows and devices in the recently released Arc Web browser. The Browser Company explains why Today tab syncing was removed and then restored a few months later.

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This is weird - I’m not seeing this. I watched the video, and they show a new tab being opened in one space, and then it appears in another space. But mine still works as before - the new tab is only accessible from the space I open it in.

Any idea what I’m doing (or not doing)?

Well, it’s not working for me, either.

Space or window? The video shows two windows for the same space. I wouldn’t expect nor want tabs to be shared across spaces.

In any case, it’s working here for me—across windows and devices.

@chirano is right—the syncing is between windows and devices, not Spaces.

I see. Thanks !

OK, I see that now.

Interesting, this tab syncing only seems to work with full-blown windows (command-N). Opening a blank window (control-command-N) or an incognito window (shift-control-N) doesn’t do this.

I never use multiple, full-blown windows in Arc! I have one window open all the time, with four spaces.
Then, of course, there are the more temporary “Little Arc” windows that come up when clicking on links in mail, messages, etc. And occasionally I’ll split things so I see two things at once. So I can’t see much benefit to opening two windows (each with the same four spaces) at once, unless I was to get a second screen or something.

Thanks for the clarification.

That’s why I think The Browser Company has a little more work to do. Split View has some issues, Little Arc has some issues, and new full-blown windows have some issues. There are uses for all three.