Apps that consolidate calendar events and reminders

That looks a bit much. But one thing I wish Apple did was consolidate Calendar events and dated/timed Reminders.

Just for that, I’m trying Readdle Calendars right now.

Are there any other apps that consolidate Calendars and Reminders?

Fantastical does as well, but this is one of the published features of iOS 18 and macOS 15 coming in a few months if you want to wait.

Wait - in iOS 18 and MacOS 15 Calendars and Reminders are unified? That’s great.

More specifically, Reminders will (optionally, I hope ) show up in the Calendar app, and you can create, edit, and delete reminders from within Calendar if you wish. The Reminders app remains a discrete app.

See iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever - Apple and iOS 18 Preview - Apple

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That’s perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for.

I feel a bit sorry for Readdle though. They are a really nice company, but everything they make Apple eventually does. In addition to this, they have a nice Documents app. But then Apple introduced Files in iOS and it became sort of unneeded. And they have a nice scanner app, but Apple has that in Notes now.

FWIW, scanner also works directly in the Files app in iOS/iPadOS. I just did a scan that way today. (Tap the three dot control top-right in Files on iOS to scan a document.)

Ah, nice. I didn’t notice it before.

I guess I’ll wait until iOS 18 is released then. Thanks.

Oh, Documents does so much more than managing files. If anyone reading this thought that’s all it does, take another look. I use it to store and view a few PDFs and many gigs of videos. It supports Data Protection and be set to require a passcode to access. Perfect for confidential items.


Thanks for point that out. I’ll take another look.

BusyCal (Mac/iOS) combines events and reminders; I’ve been using it for years. There is also a separate contacts app that dovetails with BusyCal.


So what will happen to BusyCal after iOS 18 combines events and reminders?

Beats me. . . I stopped using the Apple calendar, reminders, etc. a long time ago because BusyCal combines everything with iCloud, etc. syncing for multiple users. I suppose that it will depend on how well Apple integrates the features and how it compares to BusyCal.

For most of the time I had a “classic license” but BusyCall moved to a hybrid-subscription model a few years ago. Subs are for 18 months but the app keeps functioning after the sub period ends. You just don’t get subsequently updated/new features, which have been pretty minimal & minor for my uses, so I recall only doing one sub and that’s been it for us.

BusyCal does many things well. Combining events and reminders is not its only strength. I don’t use reminders at all, and I’ve been using BusyCal for at least a decade. So this upcoming change in the next macOS/iOS updates won’t change anything for me.

As also mentioned above, Fantastical is another good option. It seems to be more popular than BusyCal, though I’m not sure why; I think BusyCal is the better of the two apps, both on Mac and iOS.

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In case it hasn’t already been mentioned, check out NotePlan too.

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