Application window behavior, external monitor, Ventura 13.3.1

Recently migrated to new MacBook Air M2, 2002. Previous to this (MBP 2012 OS 10) when I plugged in an external monitor, ALL open windows would show up on the external display, leaving the laptop with a clean screen unless and until I moved a window down to that screen.
Now I find that upon plugging in the second monitor, all windows remain on the laptop screen and I have to manually move them one by one to the larger screen in order to work.

Another issue: If I have (for instance) two Chrome windows open, one in each monitor and then switch from Chrome window #1 in the ext. monitor to another application (cmnd-tab), when I cmnd-tab back to Chrome it goes to window #2 rather than the previous location. As you can imagine, this plays havoc with workflow involving multiple apps.

Is there some preferences setting I need to look at to address this?



Which screen is the menu bar assigned to? If it’s the internal screen I would expect all windows to stay there. Can’t look it up right now on my system because I’m on the road.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the response, sorry for the delay in answering (somehow I’m not getting email notifications of TidBits activity…)
Looking for where that menu bar assignment happens; checked in Sys Prefs > Appearance and Displays, didn’t see anything.


System Settings > Displays > Arrange.