Apple Weathers Stormy Seas in Q4 2022

Originally published at: Apple Weathers Stormy Seas in Q4 2022 - TidBITS

It has been a wild year, even for Apple. The company continues to come out smelling like expensive roses, but its fastest-growing product categories this quarter may surprise you.

As a former CPA, I winced after reading;

“… the iPhone is still the king of Apple’s balance sheet, accounting for just under half of Apple’s Q4 revenue….”

Revenue is on an income statement, not a balance sheet.

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The king of Apple’s balance sheet seems to be US Treasuries and corporate bonds :smile:

Gah, my fault on adding that quickly in editing at the end of the day—I was just looking to give some color to “is still king” and was moving too fast. Fixing…

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Looks like the market has taken note of your correction.:wink:

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I didn’t realize before that Apple was the only computer manufacturer to post gains this quarter.

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