Apple Watch Series 7 Brings Modest Tweaks

Originally published at: Apple Watch Series 7 Brings Modest Tweaks - TidBITS

Rumors suggested the Apple Watch was due for a major physical design, but the Series 7 turned out to look much like its predecessor—albeit with a few physical and software changes. Also, watchOS 8 gets some fitness improvements aimed largely at cyclists.

An interesting twist to the story: a few months ago, Apple banned an app called FlickType that added a full keyboard to the Apple Watch. The developer is suing.

Interesting speculation about why Apple rolled out a minor instead of major Apple Watch design, as had been rumored.

I can’t believe that a last-minute substitution exists in this industry. These products are designed over years, and even the manufacturing lines probably take months to set up. I’m with Gruber on this one—the rumors were likely about a future model.


I’m with Gruber on this. I normally upgrade my stuff when I see a significant change in the device. With the Apple Watch, I bought the original series 0, and then series 2,4, and finally 6. I do remember getting to audition the series 5 when my series 4 was being replaced for a stuck pixel and not being impressed by the changes. So, seeing the series 7 as being a minor bump is totally in keeping the pattern for Apple Watches.

Last minute…you’re probably right. Having a plan B…seems right up Tim Cook’s production guru alley. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to really say. Add in the no talk about the SoC…and the shipping later at some undetermined time in the Fall…lends some support to the idea…but not enough data to know.