Apple Watch Series 3 constantly pings throughout the night

I have a Series 3 Apple Watch and it pings throughout the night. This happens once the watch is fully charged. The watch’s blank face suddenly shows the charging circle, then pings, shows the time, and turns off. It’s as if I had unplugged the charging stand and plugged it back in. (And yes, I made sure I’m not jostling the plug.)

I can stop the pinging every minute or two by setting my watch to mute. And again it only happens once the watch is fully charged. It also doesn’t appear to happen if nightstand mode is off.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this. Apple wants me to reset my watch which means an hour waiting for it to set itself back up, plus putting back in my credit card info. And of course, messing up my health data. I don’t want to go through all of that unless this is will actually fix the problem.

This has not happened to me on a S2. Are you using an Apple charger or a third party charger? If a third party, I would see if the same problem happens with an Apple charger, or maybe swap an iPhone charger with the one you are using, just to rule that out.

FWIW, Health data is synced to the iPhone and not stored on the watch after it is synced, so unpairing and re-pairing the watch will not mess up Health data (save for the data lost while the watch is off your wrist). You will get another Apple Watch source in the listings but I just ignore that. Setting up Apple Pay again, though, can be a pain.

Yeah, I know I don’t actually lose health data, but I already have four “Apple Watch” sources in my Hralth data and it makes it hard to search for data.

I have an Apple charger although it fits in a Belken charging stand. It’s a minor annoyance, and it’s just not worth the time and effort of an Apple Watch reset unless I’m sure it’ll fix the problem. Resetting the watch is sort of like a car mechanic not knowing what to do, so they change the spark plugs and see if that takes care of the problem.

It has only happened since the last update. It doesn’t happen unless the Watch is fully charged. Then it starts to ping about every two minutes or so as if the watch lost connection to the charger. The watch fact is black. You see the circle showing you it’s charged and a ping. You see the nightstand mode time, and then the screen goes dark once again.

I haven’t fully tried it, but it doesn’t appear to happen if the watch isn’t in nightstand mode.

I’m just seeing if anyone else has seen this issue.

No, I meant the charging brick that plugs into the wall itself. I’m suggesting plugging the official Apple charging cable into the official Apple charging plug/brick and see if the problem still happens. At least that way you will rule out the thing that is plugged into the wall.

I don’t really search for data that way, I guess, but one thing that you could do is rename the watch in Watch app: General / About / Name to something like “David’s Watch starting 10/16/18” and at least it will be obvious which data belongs to the watch from that date on. (Unfortunately it seems that you cannot change the name in the Sources after the watch in unpaired.)

Yes. It’s an official Apple plug. As I said, I’ve had this issue only since the last update – watchOS 5.0.1. watchOS 5.0 was just fine.