Apple Updates HomePod with iOS 12 for Phone Calls, Multiple Timers, and More

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iOS 12 on the HomePod adds a bevy of welcome features, including support for making and receiving calls, setting and naming multiple timers, and pinging misplaced Apple devices in your home

I think I may have found a “bug” in the update process. I have two HomePods linked in stereo. When I initiated the update (no auto update for me) only one of the HomePods updated. The LED’s swirled and upon restarting I dug into the settings and confirmed that one was on 12.0 and the other remained on 11.4. The only way I found to force the update was to unlink the two, then remove the 11.4 unit and set it up again.

So I’m curious about others’ experience. Anyone have auto update and can confirm that both are on 12.0? Anyone else have one update and not the other?