Apple Updates AirPods Pro with USB-C Case and Improved Dust Resistance

Originally published at: Apple Updates AirPods Pro with USB-C Case and Improved Dust Resistance - TidBITS

If you’re making the jump to USB-C, Apple has updated the second-generation AirPods Pro with a USB-C charging case (and a few other minor changes). The company also released a USB-C version of the wired EarPods.

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“to ground Lightning” Hehe. :rofl: Well played, Sir.

In my own personal crusade to rid my home and office of Lightning, I’ve also added a set of replacement Air Pods Pro to my iPhone 15 order. My original APP were a hand-me-down from my wife who didn’t like the pressure. They were ordered right after launch so the battery health there too had declined. The new ones will restore that. :slight_smile: To my surprise, both APP and iPhone 15 were still scheduled to arrive by next Fri, my baseball engraving personalization notwithstanding. :+1:

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Holy cow. Both were just charged to my CC. And Apple Store status went to preparing to ship. This is moving a lot faster than I expected. :slight_smile:

Edit: I see this is happening on a much broader scale actually. Kudos.

“ IP4”? Is that the same thing as IPx4? Cos IP codes should have two digits (where x is a placeholder for an unevaluated property).

“IP4” = IPx4, yes.

They are IP54, to be pedantic.

I agree with Simon—I was perturbed by the single digit as well in the move from IP4 to IP54, but as far as I can tell, when there’s only a single digit, it means water resistance.

There’s a good chart of IP codes here. The first location is for dust resistance. ‘x’ means that it wasn’t tested; ‘5’ is the 2nd highest rating for ingress protection, loosely called ‘dust-resistant’.