Apple Unveils Four Models of the iPhone 14

There is actually. The 14 is a 13 with new branding. And 13 mini is still on sale. For $130 less actually. :+1:

Well, with satellite connectivity and a better camera. But performance-wise, the 14 should be ever so slightly faster than a 13 mini with its extra GPU core and more RAM. But, barely noticeable for almost all of us.

the watch does a fairly reasonable take on that scenario. better, it only lights up briefly when you touch it. however, being an active sleeper, i’m always triggering mine, which then wakes me up.

briefly worked for developer relations at the chocolate factory where we’d explain to developers how to code for the always-on screen. there were so many warnings about misconfigured code killing the battery that i figured it was a fairly common problem when letting developers touch that feature.

never did understand the use case for an always-on phone screen, droid or ios. fortunately, apparently my hardware doesn’t support it (i hope) so i can carry on blissfully ignorant.

I hadn’t heard of the chocolate factory, I presume a Willy Wonka reference. Met some employees of the fruit company at a conference, took a minute but I am slow sometimes.

The plot thickens.

While delivery estimates for the ‌iPhone 14‌, iPhone 14 Pro, and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max remain delayed by days and even weeks, all models of the ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus remain available for same-day delivery upon launch on Friday, October 7, with no delays.

The Plus seems a bit expensive. The Pro Max has the same screen size and costs only $200 more.

But the same is true if you compare 14 to 14 Pro.

Gruber’s review of the iPhone 14 Pro at Daring Fireball.