Apple TV Trailers app gone. Ugh!

If you use the Apple TV’s Trailers app, you probably know by now that the app’s functionality is gone and the trailers have been moved to the AppleTV app.

That could have been an okay move — except that, in making the move, Apple changed things for the worse. Much much worse. To the point that the trailers are now an almost completely useless feature — at least for me.

First, the trailers are now buried down below a bunch of other stuff that you need to scroll through to locate — assuming you’re persistent enough. (Tip: At least for now, if you keep the old Trailers app, you can use it to directly go to this location.)

Second, the listed trailers are a much more limited subset of what was available before. I checked via a Search, and at least some of the missing trailers are still there, accessible from the Search. But that misses the point. I often used the Trailers app to discover new movies I had not yet heard about. This is no longer possible if I have to use Search to find them.

Finally, in an obvious marketing ploy, the trailers are structured to facilitate your purchase of the movies (with “pre-order” buttons, etc.). Not horrible by itself, but for me it’s just unwanted advertising that gets in the way of actually seeing the trailers.

Bottom line: There isn’t anything improved by what Apple did. And much has been made worse. Thanks for nothing, Apple.