Apple TV screensaver bug

When not in use we turn our AppleTV into a picture frame and prefer to have the same photo displayed. To do this I have created Photos albums on an iMac with just one photo and use Homesharing/Computers app to select it as a screen saver.
In Apple TV settings I selected 20 second display for the screensaver duration. This worked reasonably well except that the screen blinked every 20 seconds. After updating to tvOS14.0.1 however the screen now goes blank for many seconds. This makes the concept of a constant picture frame unworkable.
I will report it as a bug to Apple but would appreciate any suggestions for other ways to achieve this simple function.

If you duplicate the photo (one or more times) and set the folder of duplicates to display, will it do the same thing?

I wonder if the aim is not to have a single image stay on screen for hours on end, perhaps?
A bit like screen savers.

While it’s not a Plasma screen or OLED which have burn-in acutely, don’t manufacturers also recommend not displaying a constant image for long hours on LCD’s too?

I know my Mac Mini’s connected LG 5K3K displays have had issues for some users with this, for example.

I realise I am seeking the opposite of a “screensaver”. However the system goes to sleep after an hour or two. I just want to constantly display a nice photo during that time.

What about opening the Photos app on the TV and displaying your image from there?

The point of a screensaver is to NOT have a constant image. Most modern screens will not be permanently damaged by a fixed image, but there will be some image persistence for a time. For example, my 2015 iMac would display a ghost image my menubar icons if I had been using the Mac for several hours before having it go dark or bring up a screensaver. The image would dissipate in a few minutes but was a bit disturbing to me when it would appear.

LCDs and/or their backlights can definitely burn-in/wear-out, although it takes a very long time.

My parents have never subscribed to HD TV programming, so most of what they watch on live TV (and VHS recording - which they still use on a regular basis) is pillarboxed. They only use the full width of the screen when playing DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

After nearly 10 years of this, there is a very distinct shift in brightness at the edges of the 4:3 picture region.

Turns out it might be a bug using the Classic screensaver “Fade through black”. I switched to “Dissolve” and the problem seems to have gone away.

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