Apple TV HD / 4K and TV+

Hi - The Apple TV+ service has launched here in the UK today. I don’t have an Apple TV device - would having one enhance the experience of Apple TV+ in some way? I’d be grateful for any comments or advice!

If you don’t have an Apple TV, you’ll need to use the TV app on an Apple device or supported smart TV to watch Apple TV+. Apple says:

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, you already have the Apple TV app — the ultimate way to watch Apple TV+. You’ll also find the Apple TV app on select Samsung smart TVs. And in the future, we’ll be bringing the Apple TV experience to even more smart TVs, streaming boxes, and streaming sticks.

So getting an Apple TV will likely make it possible to watch on your actual television.

Hi Adam. Now that the Apple TV app is showing on my Apple TV, I cannot mirror what I am viewing on my iPad. How can this be fixed? I don’t have the newest apple TV 32G bought late 2016. My iPad was bought last year. Thank you.

Adam. Just to clarify. I want to view what’s on my iPad to Apple TV. Been very successful til now. Thank you

Reportedly, Samsung either has or will have a built-in app that allows Apple TV+ viewing on models that support it. Other TV manufacturers (so far unnamed) are to get that capability in the future.

The promotional email I received today from Apple indicates that it is also viewable via the web:
“It’s already on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac, as well as select Samsung Smart TVs and Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.** Or watch on”

It sounds like you’re just describing AirPlay screen mirroring. If you open Control Center on your iPad and tap Screen Mirroring (while your Apple TV is turned on), does it appear? It certainly should, and if it doesn’t, I’d make sure that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

What Adam Said (AirPlay sounds like what you want).

Another great way to play is with the HDMI adapter and a skinny directional HDMI cable from Monoprice. I keep these with me and they’ve come in handy for: backup presentation when someone’s PC laptop died, Netflix on hotel TV, impromptu African safari slideshow in hotel breakfast room, etc.

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