Apple TV connection issue

My old gen 3 ATV has started having trouble connecting to our Verizon hotspot. We have had no problem for over a year at our getaway in the boonies where hotspot is our only option for wifi. Can the ATV antenna wear out? Hotspot connects fine to iPads and MacBook Air. Connection problem occurs regardless if other devices are connected to same hotspot or not.
Problem occurs with hotspots from iPhone SE and 8plus.

I plan to trouble shoot tomorrow with a similar ATV. Our Verizon signal out here is usually 2-3 bars, but has never been a problem with the ATV until last week.

Restarting devices does not help. Software is up to date. It will suddenly connect, usually, after an hour or so, but no predictable time span. And once connected, stays connected.

Suggestions? Time for new ATV?


Yes, it’s time to upgrade. Several apps no longer work with the third-generation Apple TV. There’s supposedly a new model on the way, but I doubt it’ll be a significant overhaul. Roku is also an option too, since it now has an Apple TV app.

Maybe try a wifi extender located near the strongest signal in your place (I use Wifi Explorer on a Macbook to test signal strength). But if you are going to spend money it may as well be a new ATV, as suggested by Josh.