Apple Support - read their utter gibberish response

A family member bought their new iPhone 12 Pro from Apple using Apple’s 24mth interest-free credit supplied by Barclays Partner Finance on

However, they had a major issue trying to get a digital copy of their finance agreement from Barclays, and as Barclays were giving them the run around on supplying them the legal document, wrote a complaint Apple ( ) about it.

Apple’s completely gibberish response was this…

Choice quotes:

“…Ongoing issue…where there is is NO WON on ATB you find it on FSI.”

“Just to let you know we can always use positioning statements and ask certain discovery questions to better understand the situation.”

“Such as you place the order on there website Sir and all the emails and Approvals are sent by Barclays. We as Apple create a bridge so you can place it with this option, as Apple we just wait for Barclays to send us the money and then we ship it out.”

What on earth are they going on about?? Either gibberish or completely irrelevant.

Either they’re taking the mick here (or is this some specialist Apple Support rep language, only spoken by certain Apple people?). Who knows. But if this the level of support Apple give now, it’s truly appalling. :roll_eyes:


This looks like an internal specialist memo that was never intended to be copy-pasted and provided to customers. It’s updating the status and process for employees to follow.


Yes, I thought this was the case too. Given clear usage of acronyms no one outside would likely understand.

Rather strange way of responding, hence my family member just wrote back asking for a response from a senior adviser.

Barclays Partner Finance’s website login doesn’t even work properly, so said family member was advising Apple of the issue, and getting it sorted that way. They were annoyed by how offhand Barclays are being about their website not working properly and correctly supplying documents.

It’s also pretty clear that English isn’t this support rep’s primary language. It’s too bad when companies can’t match support rep and customer languages properly.


Yep, could be Adam. Although, with EU support coming from Ireland, one might imagine this “Ray” is Irish.
But I suppose this email address may be covered from staff internationally, so they could really be from anywhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought it was pretty clear. There are some problems with Barclay that we are working on. When you order the phone and Barclay sends us the money, we ship the phone. Barclay isn’t sending us the money for phones ordered through them. It was pretty good corporate speak though, but most of us can easily understand it I think.

I don’t agree.

Said family member was asking about Barclays failure to send digital pdf paperwork to Apple customers. The response is babbling on about nothing to do with that question.

Message I got from this:

  1. Non-native speaker.
  2. Apple doesn’t care.

I’ve rarely had any joy from third party financing options. The amount of paperwork involved will always zero any savings. As you can see it also makes it very difficult to sort out any service or delivery issues. Somebody somewhere got paid and a promotion to set up this boondoggle. If I were you, I’d withdraw from the agreement if possible and pay cash (preferably for an Apple refurbed, which is usually just open box in the case of Apple).


Well I’ve used Barclays Finance Partners from Apple myself too in the past, and it’s normally pretty simple. It’s interest free too, so for what are often expensive purchases, helps spread the cost for many people when you have a lot of outgoings and/or would rather keep your cash reserves.

Typically, you just tick a couple of boxes online, they accept or deny you, and just send you (normally a download link) to get the docs including your payments plan. Checking my last docs I have saved… every year you get a simple payments schedule send to you with balance paid/still owed, and a closing statement at the end.

It’s just seemingly at the moment, their download portal is effectively useless, so obtaining digital docs is a pain.