Apple shipping of MacBook Pro M1 Max

I ordered a new MBP Max on the first ordering day and was given a delivery date of November 2-9. On November 4th, my credit card was charged and I got an email saying the MBP was preparing to ship - and the delivery date was end of day November 5th. In the past, when ordering a Mac I got a UPS tracking number and could track the device from mainland China to Hong Kong (clearing customs) and on to Korea and Anchorage where it would disappear for a day or so and then show up at my home. Something really different this time. When I got notice that it had shipped, the shipper was “Deliver IT” and it said delivery was by 8PM on November 5th. (I thought the device was still in China and Apple was now using a Star Trek Transporter to deliver it!). In fact, it was in a warehouse in Fontana CA and Deliver IT was doing the final delivery (I live in Las Vegas). My guess is that for at least some of the shipments Apple is bypassing UPS and moving the computers to a local warehouse - and you don’t get the “shipping” notice until it leaves the warehouse. I wonder if this is the case for all the western US deliveries. Anyway, those waiting for anew MBP - be prepared for a different experience!

Interesting, I would have guessed you ordered a stock config if it was warehoused in SoCal, but obviously with the Max that’s not the case.

I added RAM to the higher-end 14" (but kept the M1P). It shipped from Shanghai to my doorstep with credit charge and tracking as per usual.

I can only imagine Apple is pulling every logistical string they have. The warehousing theory makes sense, and may be true in some cases. But I ordered a pretty stock MBP (Pro/16GB/1TB), and mine is originating from Shanghai and being shipped by FedEx. I live about 10 miles from Fontana…would have been nice if mine had been there!

I hate you all​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Ordered the 19th, shipped the 2nd, Shanghai at 0114 on the 4th with in transit and check back tomorrow for a delivery date and no delivery or update since. 14 inch with full M1P, 32GB/2TB. Apple store says delivery by the 11th.

That’s weird. I ordered the stock higher-end 14" MBP on the 18th, and the order is still processing. Yet it sounds like some people who ordered after me already have received shipping notices.

Mine was all over the place: ordered it (16" Max, 2TB drive) on the 18th, was told delivery between 2021-11-17 and 2021-11-24. On the 31st, it suddenly said that it had shipped via UPS from Shanghai and to expect it on 2021-11-02!

Then it sat in a warehouse in Shanghai for two days, and on the 2nd it finally showed up in Anchorage, still with a deliver-by date of the 2nd — the same day. But I live in Vermont, so that didn’t seem too likely! Later on the 2nd, the delivery date became “Unknown.”

No further news until the 4th, when it then finally crossed the country to Louisville, and then made it up to Manchester, N.H. (now with a delivery date of the 5th) in the wee hours of the 5th. Then to a distribution hub in Nashua, N.H. Then to our local warehouse in Barre, Vt. — and it did finally arrive on the doorstep late on the 5th.

So much earlier than originally predicted, but a pretty wild ride…

As Harry (almost) said about Sally:

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with [this particular Macintosh], you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

My fingers are crossed for those of you still waiting!

I guess I got lucky. It was the “default” Pro Max that the Apple store offered. I have it (mostly) set up now (I didn’t migrate anything from my 2019 MBP16 - the Intel-Apple SOC was a big jump I didn’t want to bring any problem apps over.)

I haven’t seen any huge improvements in speed or the display - what I noticed immediately was that the new keyboard was a big improvement over the 2019 MBP - and I don’t just mean the physical function keys. I make many fewer typing mistakes. I haven’t seen any similar reports.

Mine was ordered seconds after the keynote (as soon as the online store was open). I did waffle a bit as I explored the configurations, which might have cost me a little on the delivery time. One config with less GPU cores was mid-December delivery, so I went with the full 32 for Nov 10-17 delivery.

Then last week Apple charged my card. They predicted Nov 9 delivery, a day early, but UPS tracking said Wednesday, Nov 4. All weekend the laptop sat in Shanghai, then on Tuesday it was in Anchorage. UPS changed the expected delivery to Thursday. Still better than Apple’s date.

But then Wednesday morning, completely unexpected, I got a note from UPS that it was “out for delivery.” Somehow it made it from Alaska to the mid-west and then back to Oregon for delivery on the 4th. It was late in the afternoon, but it did arrive.

I’ve noticed the improved keyboard as well! It’s really nice. The keys are springy and I’m typing faster than usual with fewer mistakes.

I haven’t notice the Promotion aspect of the display – scrolling seems really fast, even in Safari where it’s supposedly doesn’t work (from some reports I read). The colors and brightness are awesome, though I haven’t done any serious tests.

CPU/GPU benchmarks are excellent, but I haven’t come close to taxing this in real-world usage yet. Overall I just notice that everything is super-snappy. Just routine things like switching Spaces in Mission Control, zooming the screen, scrolling through thousands of files in the Finder, launching apps, etc. is smooth and fluid with no lag whatsoever. It’s a glorious machine (16" Max).

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It’s fun to watch the shipment progress. When you order a MINI Cooper from the factory, you can track it - from when the VIN is assigned, it leaves the factory, is put on a boat (and you can track the boat across the Atlantic - and then through the canal to Oxnard for West region deliveries). Dealers have such a low stock now that many customers are doing factory orders - like many years ago when my wife got her first MINI.

I kind of missed the fun of tracking this time on the MBP!

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