Apple’s Second Virtual WWDC Set for June 7–11

Originally published at: Apple’s Second Virtual WWDC Set for June 7–11 - TidBITS

Apple has announced the dates of its next Worldwide Developers Conference, which will once again be held entirely online.

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Is a Memoji wearing glasses a harbinger of a new hardware/software line?

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Maybe it’s “Yes, we’ve realized increased contrast is a good thing!” :wink:

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note that the memoji’s glasses are incomplete, no bows. meaning?

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Sometimes glasses are just glasses. (Maybe they just wanted to show the reflection of the developer icons that are on the screen with the glasses?)


While I caution against reading too much into Apple event art, Gurman is reporting that glasses are around the corner.

My guess is that if the glasses on the memogi had bows it would be too much of a giveaway of what the next big thing will be. This subtly illustrates eyewear that is NOT going to be a big, bulky, ugly, clutzy and heavyweight headset like Oculus or Nintendo.

Gurman has been around a long time, but I’ve found his track record to be more sensationalistic than reliable, typically neglecting basic considerations of engineering and manufacturing and logistics. Plentiferous grains of salt taken with his byline as well as most other bylines.

Matt Deatherage of MDJ/MWJ fame is one of the very few who understands such considerations. He’s one of the very few who doesn’t make me laugh at the ignorance displayed in blatantly hysterically unrealistic content.

Hey: there’s the name of a potential blog. Blatant Hysteria.