Apple Responds to Spotify

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Apple has published a response to Spotify’s Time to Play Fair site and complaint to the European Commission, but it has drawn widespread criticism from Apple developers and commentators.

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Is it the same procedure for all material (except what Apple mentions) bought through App Store apps? If one pays outside of an app, but then get access to material through an app, is that also charged by Apple? (Maybe should know this, but have never thought of buying any media through a streaming service or iTunes store.) Thankfully CD & Vinyls are getting ever bigger, but soon I guess it might get difficult to transfer non-streamed media to iPhone (at which time iPhone will no longer be a relevant product). First thing I tried when Apple announced the Files app on iOS was of course to see if I could now easily transfer music independent of iTunes to the iPhone, but no way, so not much value again in the new features, like so often these days.

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(Adam Engst) #3

In theory, yes, if an iOS app is selling digital material of any sort, it must go through Apple’s in-app purchase system. If you can buy material entirely outside of the app, then Apple won’t take a cut or have a say in it (but the app won’t be able to encourage such outside purchases in any way).

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