Apple Releases tvOS 16.4.1

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tvOS 16.4.1 is out with entirely unhelpful release notes. Let it install on its own unless you have an Apple TV problem that an update could resolve.

Also HomePod Software 16.4.1. Both devices often don’t auto-install updates for weeks, and when they do it’s often at inconvenient times. So this time I did them manually. Nothing to report. Yet.

Huh! I’m not seeing on that on the HomePod Software Updates page or on my HomePods.

And of course I’ve forgotten exactly how I did it manually . . . I’ve had to relearn the process every time so far.

And nothing to report so far, either.

To install HomePod updates:

  • Open the Home App
  • Tap the circled ellipsis in the upper right corner
  • Tap Home Settings
  • Tap Software Update

And you should be good to go.

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And of course, now my three HomePods have updated to 16.4.1 too, though Apple still hasn’t acknowledged the update on its HomePod Software Updates page.

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