Apple Releases Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

(Josh Centers) #1

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Updating a product that was last revised for the iPhone 7, Apple has released smart battery cases for the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. All three are available now for $129.

(Frans Moquette) #2

I still think the thing is butt-ugly!

So, what’s left of your coveted slimness when you add this thing Apple? Why don’t you just make the iPhone a bit thicker? That would allow for a lager battery and removal of the camera bump. Better battery life and a cleaner design. Win, win, I would think. Please show us some courage Apple, and just do it!

Oh, and if you want to show us some more courage, also put the mini-jack back. :wink:

(Adam Engst) #3

I just have to say that I think the idea of a lager battery is fabulous—just refill your case with beer when you get low! :beer: And we could also have stout batteries, porter batteries, and IPA batteries.

(David Price) #4

If Apple ditches the iPhone Lightning connector in favor of USB-C as they did with the iPad then this case will face a short life cycle.

(Alan Forkosh) #5

Of course, a new phone generation will probably have a different form factor, rendering any iPhone X? case case useless for it. The lifecycle for cases is dependent on the device they work with.