Apple Releases iOS 17.1, iPadOS 17.1, macOS 14.1 Sonoma, watchOS 10.1, tvOS 17.1, and HomePod Software 17.1

Another fix I noticed in IOS 17.1 deals with moving emails in Mail. In iOS 16, if I had created a mailbox for emails I regularly receive, Mail would suggest that mailbox as the destination mailbox when I went to move another of the recurring emails to my favourite place.
When iOS 17 came out that behaviour was absent. I had to scroll down the list of mailboxes to find my favourite destination.
In iOS 17.1, the favourite mailbox feature is restored. All my old favourite/regular mailboxes show up. I. Am back to iOS 16 behaviour again.
Don’t know why it was absent in 17.0, but glad it’s back. Maybe my Feedback report on the User Beta made a difference. :laughing:

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I’m not sure if this is 14.1 or vanilla 14.0 Sonoma in general, but I have to say I’m no fan of the wider bookmark spacing in Safari’s favorites bar.

I really like how there’s an option for icons for those who want it (or particularly hate it), but why did the spacing have to change? It wasn’t overly dense before, but now I just have fewer I can display across before I get the dreaded (and near useless) >> and the right hand edge.

It’s not just Sonoma, it’s Safari 17, even in Monterey. I completely agree, and complained w/ Feedback for all it’s worth.

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iOS 17.1 finally fixes the Notes find feature bug that appeared in iOS 17.0. Now when you go on to the next find result it jumps to the found word.

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Another improvement in iOS 17.1. I previously mentioned that with iOS 17 they finally gave you a search field for filing emails in folders in Mail. But at the same time it lost predictive filing, where it suggested a folder.

In iOS 17.1 that’s back, and working better than ever.


Unfortunately, Sonoma (even 14.1) does not fix the issue of clicking on an App Store notification resulting in a grand total of NOTHING happening. At this point, you really have to start to wonder if some bigwig at Apple thinks this is actually how it’s supposed to behave. :man_facepalming:

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Hmmm…well then, I’m now left wondering :thinking: why my iMac with 3 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5 processor shows only 6, NOT 12, cores in the CPU window:

Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac19,1
Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Core i5

That still works out. The i5 Coffee Lake processor in that machine did not support hyperthreading. See Intel 9th Gen Core Processors: All the Desktop and Mobile 45W CPUs Announced

My 2014 Mac mini running Ventura (using OpenCore patcher) has a dual-core i7 but CPU history shows 4 cores.

Is there a way to get rid of the little email icon Sonoma Finder displays next to files that came in as email attachments? I don’t dee a Finder pref for it.

watchOS 10.1 takes two giant steps backwards in usability.
The swipe-up gesture to reveal the Control Panel no longer works. A swipe-up now displays a potpourri of other stuff. I don’t really know what they are - watch widgets, perhaps? They are stuff I don’t need, such as the activity rings. The same potpourri can be revealed by turning the Digital Crown upwards, so there was no need to muck around with the swipe-up gesture.

In order to get the Control Panel, one now does a quick click on the side button. But not a long-click - that brings up the SOS and Power-off buttons. A quick click is easy to do, but why did Apple’s UX ‘experts’ decide that the users need to learn a new behavior?

A more egregious change to the watch UI in 10.1 is that swipe-left and -right no longer moves from one watch face to another. That’s a gesture I used several times a day. The new command sequence to change faces is: (1) tap-and-hold on the current face, (2) swipe left or right to get to the desired face, (3) tap it.

This regression in UX might well have been implemented in 10.0. My Apple Watch just upgraded itself to 10.1 (from 9.?) after I migrated my old XR to a shiny new iPhone 15 Pro. I didn’t ask for the 10.1 upgrade - it just happened overnight while sitting next to the 15P, both charging on bedside table.

The changes you mentioned all occurred with the upgrade to 10.0. There’s a pretty good discussion of how people are coping with it.

The early posts mainly discuss issues with performing the upgrade. Starting on September 25, the discussion moves to dealing with the changes to the interface.

It took me a few weeks to train the interface and myself. I had the additional hurdle of really enjoying the new Snoopy face, which also entailed finding ways to easily access tasks for which I had used complications on a complication-rich face.

Thanks so much for the link to that thread about 10.0. It is very useful, and helps explain the many changes in 10.0. I never had 10.0 on my watch. I made the leap from v9 to 10.1 unknowingly, and was unprepared for the many UI changes.

And there are some complications that may be fixed in watchOS 10.1.1.

Local-USB-Finder Calendar & Contacts syncing still crashes SyncServer here. It is steadily becoming more unstable with each update. At least now, it crashes before it trashes Calendar and Contact data on either device.

From the latest crash report SyncServer threw up:
4 SyncServices 0x1cb700f90 -[ISDSyncPlan _whackTruthAndBarf:clientIds:] + 80

“Whack Truth and Barf” - seriously, that pretty well sums up my sentiments since Ventura.

:face_vomiting: :nauseated_face:

The power of several reboots on Apple Watch and iPhone.

I listen to music with Neutron player and Audio books with Storytel. Normally, the watch would show a “Now playing” interface that you can use to stop and start your book or music track.

I did the major upgrade on my iPhone and Watch on Monday. On Tuesday, I did the minor upgrades to 17.1.1 and 10.1.1. After the upgrade, the “Now playing” interface was missing. Since then I have turned off and on both the iPhone and the watch each day hoping to fix the problem. Today I was just sitting down to ask here if anybody had this problem. Before writing, I tried once more to turn off the iPhone and the Watch. After turning on the iPhone and then the watch again, the “Now playing” interface was back again.

So this is odd. Apple just updated the security release notes for iOS 17.1/iPadOS 17.1 and macOS 14.1 with a lot of additional items (search on “Entry updated” to find them. I wonder why the public announcement of these changes was delayed—perhaps Apple didn’t want to reveal them until they were spread more broadly across older operating systems too?