Apple Releases iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.3 Ventura, watchOS 9.4, tvOS 16.4, and HomePod Software 16.4

On at least some of the bugs we’ve discussed here on recent releases, there’s also been a lot of discussion on Apple’s own developer forum. That’s where I’d expect Apple to (a) find a common problem, (b) solicit help if they can’t reproduce it from the material already there, and most importantly (c) provide -some sort of feedback-.

Speaking of “repeatedly plinking,” Local Calendar and Contacts syncing is still FUBAR under Ventura. No sort of enjoyment at all though.

The latest iPhone/iPad OS still locally syncs properly with Monterey.


Am I’m gonna’ have to buy a Daytimer again?

The first thing I noticed was that my iPhone wasn’t able to connect to my smart thermostat. I had to “reconnect” everything this morning, but that didn’t help last night when I had to get out of bed and reset my thermostat to sleep mode. :smirk: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

A couple of other oddities…at least with iOS and iPadOS so far…it forced me to re-authenticate both my primary and our secondary AppleIDs and typically it’s either only the master one or not at all. And it turned auto download and auto update back on which I had deliberately set to off and don’t download to control both bandwidth usage if I’m out of the house and one should never just turn auto update on IMO as Apple has pulled an update more than once. And on iOS and iPadOS it forced me to reconnect all my cards to Wallet although it remembered the previous cards and all I needed to do for the non Apple Card one was put in the CVV.

Any indication that 16.4 has done something to improve the crappy performance of Weather’s precipitation map? It’s raining cats and dogs again today, yet my vicinity is completely blanked out in Weather’s rain map. :man_facepalming: I can see the rain 300 miles away though. :roll_eyes:

I installed the update to Ventura 13.3 yesterday. I have an M2 Mac Mini with a 3330x1440 main monitor, and I am also using a ViewSonic 14" display I normally use with my laptop. Today I noticed that the Aerial Screen Saver was only showing on the small monitor. The big monitor has a blank screen.

I also tried Electric Sheep, which I haven’t used in a couple of years, but it has the same problem. I tried reinstalling the screen saver and other troubleshooting with no luck. I asked about this on the Aerial discord server, and I see a number of other people with the same issue (including people with only one monitor). The Aerial Devs have been responsive in the past so maybe I’ll get more info. Wondering if anyone else is able to confirm this is a macOS issue, or what else might be going on?

I’m having the exact same problem; two monitors and Aerial only runs on one. I reset the PRAM and Aerial was back to normal but only the first time it ran. Then it quit working again.

It may be more than third-party screen savers. My photo based slide show using the built-in screen saver will only display on one screen with the update to 13.3. The non-photo based built-in screen savers work on both screens.
I have a MacStudio with two 27" 4k monitors coming off it.

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An unusual thing happened after doing the 13.3 update this morning. Finder doesn’t want to let me change the app to open .pkg files, and it doesn’t show Pacifist or Suspicious Package as options when secondary clicking the file (although I can still do it through the “Other” option). Even when using the “Other” option, it does not allow me to set another app to “Use this application to open all documents like this one.”. I verified this with a couple of my test machines, fine before 13.3, grayed out after. I can see where this might be a security change, I guess.

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The Duplicates album now detects duplicate photos and videos in an iCloud Shared Photo Library.

Just to be clear, prior to iOS 16.4, it wasn’t just that duplicate detection was not available in the shared library…. It was that duplicate detection was disabled completely — even in your personal library — if you enabled the shared option.

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I took both advice (power cycle and wait) and the battery drain is back to normal.

I’ve been highly critical of Apple’s bugs. But based on a couple days of listening, it appears that the latest Homepod & Mac OS updates might have fixed the problems I’ve been having with Music on the Mac. So far I haven’t seen the crashes or hangs that were endemic previously.

Now it shouldn’t be the case that a problem on the HomePod causes the Mac Music app to -crash-, that shows some serious design problems in the Music app. But if this does make Music more reliable, I’ll be grateful.

NOPE. Spoke too soon. Mac just crashed on me.

It’s not silly to lead with new emojis is the customers you most care about are still in high school. Apple’s advertising makes it very clear who their target customer is, and it’s not most of us who are reading this discussion.

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Nope, still silly…and sad. Lately, I just update for the security fixes.


I don’t need convincing that Apple thinks its true target audience are iPhone toting teens and gen Z “influencers”. But I would point out to their bean counters that that crowd will disappear just as quickly as they appeared one day when the tide turns and the next thing becomes the cool must-have “FOMO” object.

And when that happens, perhaps Apple will be reminded of the difference between community with deployed investment vs. fashionistas. I know who held them a lifeline last time they almost died, I have no doubt it will be the same crowd (as opposed to iPhone toting teens and social media hustlers) next time they’re in a bind. They’re super successful now, but as Rockefeller and Standard Oil learned, that always changes at some point.

Apple’s primary target globally is people with enough money to buy and use their varied list of high end products and services, whatever their age, marital, professional, educational or employment status. Segmented targets include people who are are involved in movies, video, music, art, design, communications, digital games, etc., and very important, executives and high earners. Teens are also a part of this market; but a majority of teens cannot pay for Apple products on their own, so it’s a secondary, though still very important, target.

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What you are saying makes sense; but if this is true, why is so much of Apple’s promotional material—including their advertising for WWDC as well as many of the videos shown during the annual keynote—so obviously tailored for the youth market?

Because teens and early twenties are cool, and they tend to watch TV and listen to music more. But Apple spends at the very least equal, if not a lot more $$$$$$$$, on positioning its ads to those with the bucks to buy their hardware and services. And compared to its competitors, Apple’s ad budgets are miniscule.

And very important is Apple’s never ending push to allow its users to prevent or minimize tracking, even though it cost the company big bucks in lost ad revenue:

And the WWDC members and watchers of new product reveals are a supremely targeted audience of dedicated Apple users and developers, whatever their ages. It’s a perfect opportunity to preach to the longtime converted.

And there’s also the big deals Apple signed with Major League Soccer and Baseball:

Frankly, I don’t care about emoji one way or the other, but I seriously doubt that working on new emoji is preventing fixing other features. Plus if Apple doesn’t keep up with emoji, then we start getting messages and see posts online from others with place-holding squares because iOS doesn’t support their display yet - something I’ve seen already on my iPad and Mac, both of which I haven’t updated yet.

As people seem to complain about Apple’s focus on always adding features, maybe it should be celebrated when the best new feature that they focus on with an update are new emoji, because that means that they didn’t change functionality dramatically somewhere else.

Interesting. I don’t see anything in 2023 WWDC announcements that point me in any way toward the youth market (besides mentioning students and a student challenge.)


You are correct. The graphics for this year’s WWDC have been toned down considerably. Last year’s graphics were 100% cartoon characters.