Apple Releases iOS 14.2, iPadOS 14.2, watchOS 7.1, HomePod Software 14.2, and tvOS 14.2

Both an excellent and subtle point; my point was the instructions as written (and later modified) implied the audio settings were found in the ‘HomePod’ settings of the Room containing both the ATV and HomePod. Will take a quick look at the this evening when home. Thanks for the additional data point

My original post, about which you commented above, was a query about how fix the opposite situation you note. After configuring the ATV & HomePod room per J. Centers’ instructions, my ATV4K retained the HomePod as it’s default audio output, thus when I asked Siri on the HomePod to play music only, e.g. and online radio station, one of my playlists, etc. the ATV4K and the TV turned on-unwanted action as I only wanted to listen to music. My query was how to retain HomePods as the default output from ATV4K when I turned on the ATV4K and my TV in order to watch Netflix/Prime/AppleTV+, but to keep the ATV4k/TV OFF when I asked Siri to play only music. To date there is no response directly to that query, but, PTL, the issue seems to have fixed itself-the past few mornings when I ask Siri to play my local public radio it does so without turning on the ATV4K/TV. And in the evening when streaming, the HomePod as default audio out is retained. I have not fussed with the settings on either ATV4K or the Home app since!

Looks like an upgrade to iOS 14.2 didn’t resolve it.
Problem remains. iPad needs toggling Wifi to OFF/ON before it’s reconnecting.
Any other suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

One thing to try, if you haven’t already: Settings / General / Reset / Reset Network Settings.

This will forget all configured WiFi network access points, so she will have to re-enter the passphrase, but it can also fix any anomalies in the network settings. Hopefully this will help.

Here’s a perplexing question. I bought a used Series 5 watch on Nov 3rd. It came with WatchOS 7.1 on it but I’m being told to install 7.1! Is this update actually 7.1.1?

I presume it was completely unpaired and needed to be set up when you got it, no? I would have thought that it would have updated itself as part of that process. I’d let it update again, if it wants to.

Yep, unpaired and acted like a new watch just out of the box. So Apple may have released WatchOS 7.1.0 several weeks early but delayed the announcement or there was a minor bug that didn’t require changing the version number to 7.1.1. I’ll run the update and see what happens.

For what it’s worth, the code following the 7.1 is 18R590. This is for an Apple Watch 6.

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Mine has 18R5585a and is a Series 5

That’s a beta build from Oct 22.

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Ah, now it makes sense. Anyway, I ran the update yesterday and now I have the same 18R590 version as aforkosh above.

I have no idea if this is related to 14.2 or my new 12 mini. Is there any way to stop the music app from continuously displaying its controls on the lock screen? I’ve tried disabling lock screen from Music notifications settings, but that doesn’t do the trick. I’m not even listening to music, so why would I want to see to see those controls?