Apple Releases iOS 12.1.3, macOS 10.14.3, watchOS 5.1.3, and tvOS 12.1.2 with Bug Fixes

(Josh Centers) #1

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Apple’s iOS 12.1.3, macOS 10.14.3, watchOS 5.1.3, and tvOS 12.1.2 updates don’t offer many hints about what might have changed apart from a slew of security fixes.

(Richard Rettke) #2

FYI; For Sierra users there is a Security Update 2019-001 for 10.12.6
and a Safari update 12.0.3

(Diane D) #3

I know we should do security updates, but the last two iOS updates only mentioned fixing issues with the new phones, so I didn’t do them. I have an SE. I’m always afraid of it slowing down or losing battery life from an update.


(Curtis Wilcox) #4

I’ve not heard of that being a concern for point releases, only major releases. iOS 12.1.2 didn’t have one but 12.1.3 has a lengthy list of security content, including multiple vulnerabilities exploitable through a browser and in the kernel.

(Diane D) #5

Thanks, I don’t think it’s shown up in my phone yet (the update) so I haven’t read the list. And you’re right, it does seem to be the major releases that cause problems. The older my phone gets, the more worried I get about upgrades!


(Simon) #6

I have that same concern. And even if we believe point updates don’t introduce slow down, we know that they every once in a while raise havoc by introducing new bugs despite Apple’s testing and all the betas and public betas and yada yada. I’m very reluctant with these updates. As Curtis points out, this one does offer security fixes and I want to take that seriously. But I’ll wait at least a week or two so that if it’s a buggy update I won’t be affected. Bottom line, I have lost (at least some) faith in Apple’s QA/QC.

(Allen Gainsford) #7

So, the article says that this update:

• Fixes a bug in Messages that could impact scrolling through photos in the Details view

• Addresses a bug where photos could have striped artifacts after being sent from the Share Sheet

• Resolves a bug that could cause audio distortion when using external audio input devices on a 2018 iPad Pro

“Fixes”… “Addresses”… “Resolves”… Is there any special significance to the rotating terms used here? “Fixes” and “resolves” sound like bugs are being definitely
fixed, but “addresses” sounds to me like “we think this will help, but it may not be the whole cure.”



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(Adam Engst) #8

No, just trying to avoid repeating one word over and over again.