Apple Redesigns iPad mini; Upgrades the iPad

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In an unexpected announcement, Apple unveiled new versions of the iPad and iPad mini. The ninth-generation iPad borrows a couple more features from the iPad Pro while maintaining its low price, while the company completely redesigned the sixth-generation iPad mini.

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The thing that interests me is the updated iPad. It has 64Gb of memory and is just $329, but that’s an excellent price.

I would highly recommend it to any basic user who wants a simple machine. And I’d recommend it over any Windows system. Add a decent keyboard for $100 and an Apple Pencil for another $100. Complete basic PC for $529 and can out perform any PC below $1200.

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I ordered the new iPad mini 256 GB memory and cellular modem for both my wife (replacing a V3 mini) and me (replacing a v5 mini). My V5 has a Zagg keyboard (the Brydge model just did not work well) which has worked well. I hope a keyboard is created for the v6. We expect them to arrive on 24 September 2021 in the colors we selected. I have to pickup the Apple smart folios at a local Apple store the same day. I go to a different Apple store earlier in the day to pickup my new iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Use mine for manuals and schematics for vehicles, Airstream trailers and equipment.

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I have an iPad Mini 6 on order too, for Fri delivery. 256GB 5G black + ‘Midnight’ smart case.

Really, I had to, as my v4 model was becoming super-sluggish, and not a good experience compared to my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9".

I’d give Apple an 8/10 for the feature set. The no-button design, USB-C (though it’s certainly not TB3, but just 5Gbit vanilla USB), Pencil 2, and the A15 chip (if clocked down a bit compared to the iPhone 13 series), are all very welcomed. Though I still wish it had Face ID instead of Touch ID in the button (especially as the price warrants it now, IMO!), and some kind of (Magic) keyboard would be great, so one hopes maybe a third-party might offer something… eventually.

I bought a regular iPad, also coming from the iPad 3! I can’t believe I bought that nearly 10 years ago and am kind of baffled as to why the entire device is sluggish, even doing internal things like Notes or Books (where I store sheet music). I will probably reset it back to factory defaults and use it as a reader.


My wife and I ended up buying the last home button model Mini 5 before they went to of stock for her Mom to update from her Mini 4; hopefully that will give her another few years of good use, as the Mini 4 is starting to show its age. We just thought that the adjustment to a non-home button Mini would have been too hard for her. Since the home button iPads all support the same gestures as the newer ones without home buttons, maybe I’ll spend some time in a few years getting her ready for gesture-based navigation. She still uses a home button iPhone as well, though she doesn’t use it for much - just phone calls and texts. She also has a MacBook Air, but she uses the iPad for 90% or so of her computing needs.

FWIW, I have the Air4, and the TouchID in the power button works really well for me.

I used to have a Mini 4 but upgraded to the Air 4 last spring because the Mini was just a little too small to read for me at times using some of my often-used apps. That said, if this Mini had come out last spring, I might have upgraded to it instead and just dealt with the readability issues. The Mini is such a great portable device. This will be a great device for several years to come IMO.

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My mother’s 80 and uses an 11" iPad Pro 2020. So I’m sure your family member will get the hang of it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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We spend the summers living with her. For the rest of the year we don’t, and live about 45 minutes away. I am her tech support person, so this switch would have been manageable in June. Not so much now in September. For both her sanity and mine.

Anyway, too late now, the Mini 5 is here and she’ll have it as a Christmas gift.

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I hear you about a cheaper iPad Mini for reading. . . I solved that issue by getting a new iPad Mini 2 for $230 in 2015. The New Yorker app is still working so I’m good! LOL

A couple of iPad mini reviews:

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