Apple Q4 2019 Breaks Records Despite Slipping iPhone Sales

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Skyrocketing revenues in Services and Wearables more than made up for a decline in iPhone revenues, proving that Apple is no longer just the iPhone company.

Unfortunately, I look with sadness at the expense of the Apple products. I have used Apple computers since 1985, often struggling to be able to purchase them. I’ve been a loyal Apple user and appreciate the reliability of the devices though of late I’ve questioned the attentiveness to deal in hardware as well as software of late - all the buggy releases have left me hanging back for a long time before jumping.

I was struck by what you said: “he used the opportunity to note that Apple Card users will soon be able to finance new iPhone purchases interest-free over 24 months.” That sounds very encouraging and hopeful to me as a retiree really struggling with my chugging MBP :wink:

Thanks for an informative article, Michael.

Looking at the Apple financial statements it seems that “wearables” is not just the watch and air pods - the statement describes the category as “Wearables, home and accessories”. It would be interesting to know the contribution of Homepods and Apple TVs.

Apple doesn’t usually break such things out in a useful way, but our understanding is that it’s mostly the Apple Watch and AirPods.