Apple Plans In-Store Mac Trade-in Program

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You’ve been able to trade in old Macs while purchasing online for a while now, but Apple is reportedly planning to extend the program to in-store Mac trade-ins.

Apple might think they are going to dictate what hey think the price of old macs are worth, but since we paid premium prices for them then the selling price back to them is going to be at a “our premium”.

I think all this changes is where, exactly, the trade-in takes place. I would guess it would not change the values a penny.

Do you have to trade in ahead of purchase? I would be more interested in trading in at a store (just to save shipping effort/time, store is close by) after purchase. Usually I’d buy a new Mac and only once I decide to keep it (14 day window) try to sell off the old Mac (if at all). And of course if I could sell them the old Mac after purchase of the new, I’d probably also prefer cash to store credit. Oh well. Doesn’t sound like this is for me. There’s still Sell Your Mac I can check out.

Don’t trade your Mac in to Apple. You can get literally twice the value by selling privately.

Just traded in my old iPad Pro for a new one at the Apple store. Got a $200 rebate. The old one (2016) was constantly rebooting itself and no matter I or the genius at the store tried to do it wouldn’t stop.

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