Apple photo “Stickers”

We don’t use SnapChat but would like to add some stickers (seasonal) to some photos before Messaging them. Does anyone know of an app or plug in to photos for that?

What, specifically, do you have in mind?

I know that the Messages app (at least for iOS 15 and Big Sur) lets you drag/drop Memoji stickers onto a message that has already been sent. But I suspect you want something a bit more robust than that.

If you’re looking for an image editor to integrate with Photos on macOS, you can use almost anything. If you right-click an image, there’s an “Edit with” item on the menu you can use to send the image to any app that can handle image files. If you select an editor app, then when you save the results of your editing, it will automatically make its way into Photos.

Or, of course, you can just use your favorite image editor and save it to a standalone image file and send that via Messages. I usually do my image editing with Photoshop Elements. You can easily open a second image file (the sticker) as a new layer, then rotate/size/position it, flatten the image and save the result as JPG/PNG for later sharing.


Like adding a star or a pumpkin right on the photo or adding a frame of things.

There are a lot of apps on the iPhone that will let you do just that. I use one called Halftone that can give your pictures a comic book feel (you can turn off), add dialog boxes, and a bunch of interesting gifs.

If you just want to add emojis, you can use the Markup in the iPhone Photo App. Use a text field and put emojis in the text field as I did with this picture.



putting emojis in a text field on the photo will work for me. Cool. I did not think of that. Thanks!

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