Apple Pencil doesn’t select objects in annotations

I have an Apple Pencil and an iPad Pro.
When I am annotating a photo, the pencil is great for drawing lines. However, I can’t figure out how to select an object, such as an arrow or rectangle, to move or resize the object. For example, if I add an arrow, the pencil would be great to precisely position the end. Instead I must use my finger, which obscures the point I am trying to move.

It seems like this is by design because the annotation toolbox doesn’t have a “selection” tool (unlike most drawing apps I’m familiar with).

It’s also a problem using the annotation feature in Preview.

Am I crazy? Using the pencil to select, move and resize objects seems like such an obvious use case when annotating.



That’s the way it appears to work to me. If you add a shape like circle, rectangle, text box, etc., from the “+” menu, it seems the pencil cannot move or even activate those objects. If you draw with the pencil you can select those elements using the selection/lasso tool, but not those other objects.

If you draw an arrow shape with the left most pen tool and keep the pencil on the screen, it will convert to a “perfect arrow” and you can move that with the pencil after selecting with the lasso tool. But I don’t think you can resize or rotate it. (You can draw a perfect shape the same way - draw a circle or square or rectangle with a single stroke and keep the pencil on the screen when you are done and it will convert to a perfect shape.)

It’s like one set of developers, wrote the “painting” tools (pixel based) and other developers wrote the “drawing” tools (object based). Then a third team crammed the two tools into the annotation feature.

Hopefully, Apple will add Pencil support for the “drawing” tools.

Yes, I’m going to send feedback to Apple suggesting that the pencil be able to manipulate shape objects. It just seems that it should.

If you think it will help, I’ll make the same suggestion.
How do you do that?

I have no idea whether it will actually get Apple to change anything, but I submitted feedback on Apple’s iPad feedback page. (They don’t have one specifically for the pencil.)