Apple Opens “Find My” Crowdsourcing to Third-Party Accessories

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In a move that has received little attention so far, Apple will let other makers’ products send privacy-protected “I’m lost” signals to Macs, iPhones, and iPads, as soon as year’s end.

The couple of times that this has been reported on Tidbits has mentioned Tile as a possible beneficiary of the move. While it is possible and the contractual terms aren’t known it is equally possible that this is Apple trying to kill them off further.

By opening the program to all other vendors the likes of Samsonite and Fossil have an alternative vendor but one with a big name with recognition.

The FindMy protocol is different from Tile, so all the existing hardware won’t work - at a time when installed base is important.

Tile has moved it’s revenue model to a subscription for added services including geofencing, with FindMy the value of that service goes away. Possibly forcing a return to the models with limited battery life (albeit still 12 months) that was widely disliked.

Tile is cross platform - the kids with cheap android phones can find and trigger a Tile that’s been shared with then.

As an owner of 10 tiles and more with the family, I hope Apple will support my existing investment. But I do worry that it is not in their interests or past history to do so.

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