Apple Officially Discontinues the iPod touch

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After 20 years, Apple has announced the end of the iPod line with the discontinuation of the iPod touch. If you want one, you can still buy an iPod touch while supplies last.

I would disagree. Although it is no longer powerful enough for use as an app platform, it is a great music player (although I think the last-generation click-wheel iPods were better).

iPhones are more expensive and don’t have headphone jacks - and I don’t want to drain my phone’s battery playing music all day. And iPads are not pocket-sized.


I agree David C. The lack of a headphone jack is a big negative.

As far as the interface goes, IMO, the click wheel was faster and easier to use than any of the touch interfaces. the iPod nano with clickwheel was the best music player ever, in my use. I’d love a modern clickwheel iPod with USB-C.

I have a iPod touch that has a complete copy of my music and acts as a limited phone e.g. with WiFi calling if my iPhone is out of service (such as when I sent it in to have the battery replaced).

I’ll miss the iPod touch.


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I found a nice replacement for the Touch in the original iPhone SE, which is the same size and does have a headphone jack. Hard to find now, but for a while these were available from Total Wireless, Tracfone, etc for $150 or so.

The iPod Touch page at shows every combination of color and storage I could check as “sold out”. I suppose there are other sources, but as of now there are none at

I converted my iPhone 3GS into an iTouch 3GS years ago!

The ipod was great for listening to audiobooks in my car; I could leave it in the glove compartment and it would pick up where I had left off. As far as I know the one I have still works, but I haven’t used it in 3-4 years because I haven’t been driving much by myself lately.

I am suitably despondent.

I had previously bought the newest iPhone SE as a modern substitute when it came out — apparently I am Cassandra reincarnated. Naturally, the performance is most welcome. If you’re going to try that, just bear in mind that you can’t use Continuity to make phone calls through another iPhone in the absence of a SIM card. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s the state of affairs now.

I will keep and treasure my iPod Touch.

That’s how I felt when the Shuffle was canned - still do. Made worse when I accidentally washed the 2gb one I got from my SO. I’ve bought a few off eBay but none are perfect.

Thanks though for giving me the idea about using my old SE in the car!