Apple News in iOS - am I missing something?

I’ve had an annoying problem with the Apple News app. I’m an Apple News+ subscriber (as part of the Apple One family subscription).

The following sequence has happened multiple times: I get an Apple News alert that looks interesting. I tap the alert to open the story in Apple News and start reading it. I have to pause while reading it and go do other things. When I return to the Apple News app, it no longer shows the story I was reading. The alert is gone (of course) because I tapped on it.

Is there some sort of “history” feature or similar function in Apple News that would enable me to go back to the last thing I was reading in the app? Or is this just a really egregious bug?


I don’t think it’s a bug. They just need to elbow out the old stuff to make room for breaking news and articles the algorithm thinks you’ll be interested in. The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, broadcast news, TidBITS and Talk and other news sites regularly update their home pages throughout the day. It wouldn’t be “news” if they didn’t.

Anyone else old enough to remember morning and evening editions and “EXTRA!” editions of newspapers being sold in honor boxes, newsstands, candy stores/smoke shops, supermarkets and being hawked on corners by newsboys?

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Yes. (IPhone instructions.) Open the News app. Tap the “Following”’tab on the bottom. There is a “History” there that shows the articles you’ve read in reverse chronological order.

On the iPad, the History selector is in the sidebar.


Exactly what I needed! Thanks!

I have a problem with Apple News that’s a bit different. The content will get “stuck” on a particular date and won’t update. I tried swiping down from the top to refresh but that didn’t work, even though it said it was updating. Only deleting the app and adding it back in fixes the problem. iPhone only, not on iPad or Mac.