Apple Music sure has improved since I last tried it

Apple Music has gotten significantly since the last time I used it regularly. I’m in a free 3 month trial now, and thought I would compare it with Amazon Music Unlimited, where my 3 month trial is coming to an end soon.

  1. I’m no audiophile, but I feel it somehow sounds better than Amazon Music. Is that possible? They aren’t both the same quality? It sounds smoother and richer to me.

  2. There are infinitely more Japanese songs - including lyrics! Amazon Music Unlimited almost never has a Japanese song I’m looking for. Apple Music has had all of them so far. I asked a friend for some search suggestions and Apple Music found them all - with lyrics.

  3. In general there seems to be more albums I’m interested in.

  4. Apple Music didn’t used to have lyrics, now it has full lyrics and follow along lyrics. They look very nice. The lack of lyrics was one reason I originally started looking at Amazon Music. I guess Apple is competing more.

  5. Download is quicker. One reason I looked at it again (in addition to the three month free trial) was because Amazon Music downloads started getting backed up / erratic (thought by backed up ones finished now). If I download an album from Apple Music it’s almost immediately downloaded.

When my Amazon Music free trial lapses soon I think I will not subscribe and, instead, continue for three months with Apple Music and then decide. It’s just a tad more a year - $99 vs $79. My impression so far is that it seems worth it.

Just a note - Prime members get a subset of Amazon Music included in that subscription. Indeed, I still buy vinyl like the old guy that I am and my iTunes Match just re-upped - but it can be useful as a reference for stuff you don’t need to own or can’t find on Daily Motion youtube.

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Yes, that is useful. In my case I’m mostly listening to downloaded music when on walks. It’s convenient to have it in albums and playlists, and of course you can save on cellular data, and also have it available anywhere.