Apple Music Radio Stations: Working or Not Working?

After reconnecting to Apple Music through a One subscription I am a bit confused on the Music features.
For instance, after clicking Create Station for an artist at the ellipses, I assumed the “station” would appear as a channel when clicking on Radio.
I seem to have the concept wrong.
Any hints on where my “stations” can be viewed?
Mac OS Ventura > Music v.
It appears that the “Radio” link merely takes one to a page of Apple pre-fab “stations”
It appears that created stations are merely temporary feeds of similar music, and not a permanent or editable, or even findable, personally created station/channel

The Radio tab is largely focused on Apple’s “Beats One,” which is streaming radio station and its recent replays. Further down, you’ll find feeds of “real” radio stations such as BBC, NPR, and the streams of your local terrestrial stations.

Personal stations that you ask Music to create, which are basically pre-fab playlists, are in the “Listen Now” tab, intermixed with other pre-fab playlists.