Apple Music Free Subscription Offer

(Charles Bjorgen) #1

I’m a bit puzzled about this recent offer I received from Apple Music. It’s a free three-month subscription to Apple Music. Obviously the music that I download and now resides on all my Apple devices must be paid for. What could be the advantage of sending another $9.99 a month to Apple for this option that I already have without a subscription? I did sign up for the trial offer but quickly canceled when I failed to see any advantage.

(Simon) #2

Those $10/month would allow you to stream any music on their catalogue, not just the tracks you bought. In a sense this allows you to “download” all the music you’d want at no extra per track cost. But as with all subscription services, the moment you stop paying you lose access to that content.

(Charles Bjorgen) #3

Thanks for the reply, Simon. After I posted my question I did some further research and more or less came up with the same answer. I’m not a music fanatic but do enjoy having a few of my old 50’s and 60’s jazz artists like Brubeck, Getz and a few others. It’s really nice to be able to play them through the car system via the iPhone too.

(John Burt) #4

If you use any subscription service, be sure you make a back up of the tracks you own in a folder not connected with iTunes, or the service just to be safe.