Apple Music Arrives on Alexa

(Josh Centers) #1

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If you use Apple Music but prefer Amazon’s Alexa-based smart speakers to Apple’s HomePod, good news! Apple Music is now available on Alexa once you install the Apple Music skill.

(Kevan Pegley) #2

Grrrr! USA Only!!!

(Allen Gainsford) #3

There is far too much of this geographically-limited functionality in systems today.

I’d have hoped that it would be a gradually-reducing trend, but if anything, it seems to be accelerating. To the benefit of… nobody, I suspect, except already-bloated license-holders.

(John Cooper) #4

Apple offers instructions for how to do that with the Alexa iOS app.

I was alarmed, since I don’t use an iOS device! Fortunately, the page makes clear that you can also set up Apple Music on Echo using Android devices, or at

(Josh Centers) #5

My bad for assuming that all of our readers have iOS devices!

(John Cooper) #6

Not at all! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.