Apple Mail to Mailplane features questions

Trying to make this transition. I’m liking the change to Mailplane except… (yes, I’ve searched their Help)

  1. Is there a way to respond inline with different colors for different levels like Apple Mail? Don’t want to reset color and style each time.

  2. In Apple Mail one can select an email address and create a contact or select a date and time and create an event. I’ve forgotten what that is called but in any event is that possible in Mailplane?

Thanks much for any help with these beginner Mailplane/Gmail questions.

Alas, no to both. The colorizing of levels is a Mail-specific feature, and the other feature you describe is data detectors, which are only available in Mac-native apps. Mailplane is native app, but it’s basically just a Web browser that displays only Gmail (and Google Calendar).

Adam’s comments are accurate.

While not addressing the original question, Mailplane adds a number of features making Gmail easier to use. You can mark-up pictures in an e-mail. It can upload a picture at a lower resolution. The screen grab tool is nice. It makes it easier to have a separate window when composing or reading an e-mail. Printing is better. But for the most part Mailplane takes existing Gmail features and makes improves on them for the Mac interface. It is limited to what it can enhance.