Apple Mail issues with deleting or hiding messages

I’ve searched this forum for complaints about Apple Mail, but don’t believe this one has been listed…its very frustrating and I haven’t found any ways to recover!

Occasionally, for a reason I’ve not decided (maybe multiple), I see a message DELETED, right before my eyes! Undo won’t get I back and I’ve not found any other way to recover.

Also, “All In Boxes” and “All Sent Mail” often don’t show ALL!


I have seen the disappearing mail issue only with Gmail. Is this a Gmail account or a .mac account? I typically see it when I’m looking on my iPad and the messages there, then disappears, and cannot be found either in the trash or otherwise. I have worked to get off of Gmail for that reason but other people use different interfaces and if they signing on Gmail on the web or through Gmail’s app, that problem does not appear.

Ray, mine is an iCloud account.

One way it happens for me if I delete message on my iPad and soon after look at Mail on my iMac

It takes time for the two to get synced

Of course, the problem is, they should never be out of sync. I suspect this is all related to the Mail loss problems that began with Catalina. Likely some uncommon sequence of events, maybe including during copying messages, with clients and servers improperly competing to keep synced. Random and seldom repeatable delays causing confusion as to which mailbox is “correct”. Apple has always had problems with Sync.

That is true but my observation is that it happens when mail may not have been running and has just started
I’ve seen this for more than 4 years


Weird, as I see it mostly when I’ve been using Mail on my iPad for a long while, then close it up and move to another device, and see all these messages that I deleted hours ago still there, on the server I guess. Ugh.